Gabriel Macht & Patrick J. Adams Bring The Sexy & ‘Suits’ On Set

On Set of 'Suits'
Gabriel and Patrick film the show!
I don’t if you guys know this, but men in suits is my one weakness.

So it only stands to reason that Suits makes me incredibly happy. I mean, aren’t you happy looking at Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams rocking them on set? I know you are!

The super hotties have been spotted filming recently and today we got a good look at both of them. Gabriel looks like he needs a nap. Well, OK, not in this picture you’re seeing right now, but there are a whole bunch of super yawning photos. 

I’m very excited about the new season, especially with all the stuff that was teased to us. I gotta say man, Suits just makes me happy.

Launch the gallery to check out all the super sexy pictures. Alright guys, who do we love more? Gabriel or Patrick? I just can’t pick!