Gabriel Aubry Fears Halle Berry is Plotting To Have Fiancé Adopt Their Daughter

March 15th, 2012 // 1 Comment

As the nasty custody battle for their daughter intensifies, Gabriel Aubry now fears that Halle Berry is scheming to have Nahla adopted by her new fiancé Olivier Martinez…in France! reported that Berry is trying to get permission from a judge to move her daughter to France, but according to an insider, “Gabriel fears that Halle’s ultimate plan is to get him out of his daughter’s life, permanently.”

This leads to the assumption that the allegations of child endangerment Aubry was accused of earlier this month were just a plot to make him appear like an unfit father. It didn’t work seeing as Aubry was acquitted of all charges, but that just makes this custody battle that much dirtier!

The gloves are definitely off now! Who do you think will win the battle? Share your thoughts in comments.

By Natasha Reda

  1. MsDee

    From my observation of this situation, it appears that this child should be with her daddy full-time. From observing pics of Halle and Nahla together, the little girl seems to be very unhappy and in a “strain” when she’s with mommy. There were some recent pics a few days ago, when it looked like the child was catching hell from Halle, and her little face seemed so sad. She seems to be so happy when she’s with her daddy. This is a mother who takes her eyes off of the child in apartment stores, allows her to go topless and kiss her boyfriend on the lips, leaves the little girl with nannys to go out on dates with her man, and other unpleasant things that we are seeing.

    I hope that this father will fight to the end, for his daughter.

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