Gabby Douglas’s Adorable ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance With Michelle Obama [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Gold medalist (and the cutest young lady ever) Gabby Douglas appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night (August 13th) alongside Michelle Obama.

Knowing full well that the First Lady spearheads the nation’s battle against obesity, Douglas was a little shy to admit what she ate after winning two gold medals.

“We didn’t have time to celebrate [the team gold medal], we had to turn the page to the all-around, and the event finals after that.”


“I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s,” Douglas revealed, according to E! Online.

Douglas, who looked darling in a gold skirt and leather jacket, is still letting this whole “I’m an Olympic gold medalist” thing sink it. 

So, is actually winning different from envisioning the win?

“I think it’s very different, and when I mean ‘different’ it’s in a better way,” Douglas explained. “I mean, I never thought I would be doing the show with the first lady, or even you, Jay.”

Is she the cutest? Check out the clips below.