Future Jail Beating Victim Back With Old Boyfriend

I know she’s not gonna get her ass beat because she’s going to be sequestered or whatever, but I can dream can’t I? Anyway, Paris is spending her countdown to incarceration with her ex, Stavros. That really sounds like someone who should be battling Sonny and Jason on “General Hospital”. Stavros. I’ve kidnapped Carly and now you’re all going to pay. Cue evil laugh.

Paris Hilton is making the most of her final days of freedom by rekindling the flame with shipping heir Stavros Niarchos. The future jailbird arrived at L.A. hotspot Teddy’s around midnight on Saturday with a group of friends. When former honey Stavros arrived with his big posse of Euro friends at 12:45 a.m., he made a bee-line for Paris’s table, where the heiress greeted him with a big hug and kiss. The two spent most of the night together, laughing and cuddling and Paris leaned over and kissed him multiple times. We watched as she massaged his neck and ran her fingers through his hair.

Paris is due in the big house no later than June 5. I hope there was a delousing station up in the club. Reports say they left together at around 2 AM. Hopefully she has a free clinic set up at the gates of her house so he can get all his shots. That’s like going into a contaminated area. Her vagina is a Hot Zone.


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