Funny Picture Show: Celebs Perform ‘Rocky Horror’ For Charity

Who wouldn’t want to see Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon as Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror? Last night he and a bevvy of stars did their version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Los Angeles to celebrate the film’s 35th anniversary and to raise money for chronically ill children.

Lea Michelle and Matthew Morrison starred (after already doing a dry run on their own show), and the show also featured Jack Nicholson, Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Rachel Wood, Jorge Garcia and Jason Segel.

According to executive producer Lou Adler, the show and its cast was the perfect way to pay tribute to a film that has impacted so many genres throughout its 35 years.

“The fact that we have Jack and [co-star Danny DeVito] representing motion picture actors who are at the very top to television personalities…Somebody from every different phase of entertainment is involved and that in itself is a tribute to ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ I think,” Adler told He added that only one thing could have made the show better – Cher.

“I’ve always envisioned Cher as [Frank N Furter],” said Adler. “But she’s working in Las Vegas.” Yeah, she’s busy doing her own drag show…