Fun With Paris Hilton’s Camerphone

February 21st, 2005 // 14 Comments

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The cameraphone pics are just priceless. Mommy and daddy must be proud. Who would take topless photos of themselves on their own camerphone. Why everyones favorite socialite? The woman is completely narcissistic.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Royal Allen

    Where are the pics of her making out with the hot chick?

  2. Lola

    That doesn’t look like a hot chick to me, I thought it was a guy…perhaps an 80s rocker with the frosted shaggy hair!

  3. Ella

    How in the hell did Burt Reynolds make the cut?

  4. La

    Is it just me or do those breasts look a little too large to be Paris’?? So much for her dainty A cup… I guess it is true that everyone wants to be like Tara Reid…

  5. Danielle

    Is she taking pics with black infants to show that she really isn’t a racist?

  6. While everyone needs to tkae steps to protect data, the fact this occured during a TV sweeps period is … interesting.

  7. who would leave topless pictures of them on a portable device? that just seems ludacris to me!

  8. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    I’m with you La…unless Paris had an elargement in the past few days, those aren’t hers…look closely and the head appears to be photoshopped.
    A good job of it, but still a tad tell-tale.

  9. Buntcake

    Why would anyone hold a baby like that?

  10. VivaPliner

    Oh God…she is holding that baby like she holds her dog.

  11. rengardent

    Boobs definately look fake

  12. Kaylyn

    Paris is so obsessed with herself… Is it not enough that she is in every magazine I pick up? Her nose is too long and she’s got sqinty eyes! If I were her, I’d get plastic surgery!

  13. Kaylyn, who’s to say she hasn’t had plastic surgery yet? imagine what she must really look like if this is meant to be her “done up”!

  14. she is the hottest living thing on this planet

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