Fun Fashionable Finds

Everyone loves stuff. Junk, treasures, and remarkable finds are like little Christmas presents throughout the year left to us in secret little hiding spots on the Internet by the Easter Bunny. And who says you can’t be fashionable and high-tech at the same time? Well, most of us savvy bloggers already own two laptop totes, but let me ask you this. Do you yet own a pair of slippers complete with headlights? Hmm? Well, if you don’t, now you know where you can find them.

Night-time slippers not for you? Perhaps a lanyard is more your taste. A Kate Spade creation in the likeness of martini glass, heart, or spade can adorn your cell phone as a trendy alternative to boring and dorky clips.

If something in the oral hygiene department is what you’re after, check out the Toothbrush Sanitizer. It kills 99.9% of toothbrush germs. In just ten minutes using UV rays you can have a healthier mouth and fresher breath to boot.

Is your iPod looking a bit…naked? Paul Smith will happily change that with a colorful leather case. It has a belt loop and snap to keep your iPod on your hip with style and function.

Couldn’t we all use a little more trendy junk in our lives?

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