From The Mouth Of Bert Fields

May 20th, 2005 // 7 Comments

“[Tom Cruise] has never had a homosexual experience or encounter with you or anyone else.”

This statement came from Tom Cruise’s lawsuit happy lawyer, Bert Fields back in 2002.

You may remember Chad Slater, aka Kyle Bradford, the “erotic wrestler” who claimed in 2001 he’d been Cruise’s lover. Cruise, who was starting to date Penelope Cruz, filed a $100 million defamation suit against Slater – coming away with a $10 million judgment.

You haven’t heard about another porn actor, known as “Big Red.” In November 2002, porn-actor-turned-private-eye Paul Barresi heard through the gropevine that Red – named for his carrot top and ample appendage – was trying to sell his story. Barresi says he arranged for Red to meet him and infamous Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano.

Red told them he’d had an encounter with Cruise at his London home when the actor and then-wife Nicole Kidman, were shooting “Eyes Wide Shut,” according to Barresi, who promptly informed Cruise’s pit- bull lawyer, Bert Fields.

Fields hurled one of his fireball letters. “As you well know, this story is an utter fabrication,” wrote Fields. “[Tom Cruise] has never had a homosexual experience or encounter with you or anyone else.”

Here’s my suggestion for ending this “rumor.” Tom Cruise should play gay on screen, and let the public decide for themselves.

Holmes is where Tom’s heart is [R&M]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    He is def. gay. And so is John Travolta

  2. Nicole

    The lady doth protest too much…

  3. gerala

    There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Cruis is gay, he is a huge phony. The way he talks about his “new love” Katie seems so forced and not genuine. I know I am stating the obvious but I see it as a shameless publicity stunt. Nicole Kidman…wasn’t very famous until she was with Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz wasn’t very famous until she dated Tom Cruise, and now Katie Holmes…These young actresses figure, ok sure I’ll pose as the girlfriend of this clearly gay man and soon enough…ka-ching!

  4. He's Gay

    He’s gay.

    and he’s short too.

  5. belou

    Hmm, I dunno..hard to say really, I think he could go either way…This whole Katie Holmes thing is funny..she looks like his kid sister lol

  6. Liza K.

    Something is fishy, and maybe these women (Nicole, Penelope, etc.)do trade being on Tom’s arm for movie fame.(LIKE NICOLE’s POST SAID). Katie Holmes is not as talented; I have seen her in movies and though she was great on Dawson’s Creek,(TV) that seems to be her range. I think that she would have a more promising career on Lifetime TV. She just isn’t movie star material, much like Valerie Bertinelli was beautiful and a great TV star, but it did not translate to theatre movies. This romance with Tom seems SO phony, on many levels, I guess she is doing it for the fame and thinks it will give her a chance at Movie stardom. He (Tom) is probably doing it to look like he isn’t a flame but he looks ridicuous, and his comments on Katie and other women that he has been making are utterly stupid. He looked like such a doofus on Oprah. This publicity stunt isn’t working!

  7. Angel

    Tom Cruise is not gay. He loves women and he is natural. Just because half the world is depressed and in drugs doesn’t mean that because somebody is happy and is not hiding it he is gay. If being happy is being gay, then I must be gay too… but I still love women and I don’t like men!?!? Weird!?!? I am short too, so what!!!!! Who cares… I am happy, he is happy and a lot of people are happy too. But a few are misserable and for them all the rest of us are gay!!!

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