From Cheryl Cole To Kate Beckinsale – This Week’s Best And Worst Dressed Celebs [PHOTOS]

August 17th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
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It’s always an eventful week when it comes to selecting looks that made the cut, and those that were bad enough to bring up.  Take Amanda Bynes, for instance.  ‘The hell are you wearing, sister?  You’re a Guns N’ Roses groupie twenty-two years too late.

Ahh, you know whose looked I adored?  Victoria Beckham‘s at the 2012 London Games Closing Ceremony.  It was just so…posh.  She brought back the dark makeup that made her famous back in late nineties and let her dress do the talking (literally.  She most likely lip synced).

Who else made our list this week?  Click the gallery to find out, little doves.

By Kelly Lynch

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