‘Fringe’ Cast Dishes At Comic-Con

The cast of Fringe appeared at Comic-Con this weekend (basically Hollywood’s excuse to party like dorks and not feel weird about it…) and gave some good scoop on what to expect next on the show when it comes back for season three on Sept. 23. Every show it seems has gotta keep those sci fi geeks happy!

John Noble said that “Walternate” is a “dangerous man” who “became hard” and “formidable” after his son is stolen. Noble got a huge applause, perhaps owing to his serious Emmy snub.

Joshua Jackson got some major points for his sweet speech about his character Peter’s return to Walter after his betrayal: “Sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water…Sometimes when you’re forced
to make a decision in a snap, you make the most honest decision…just
pure emotional response, and his emotional response was to come home.”

And Lance Reddick revealed there may be some tension between Broyle and his wife as well as with Walternate: “I’d like to see the alternate Broyles relationship with his wife explored,” he said. He added that Broyles thinks Walternate is “a great patriot and a great mind,” but “he’s a bit of
a maverick, so I guess we’ll see just how that loyalty and relationship
plays out.”

And in a great choice of casting, Reddick’s Wire costar  Andre Royo (Bubbles) will guest-star next season! Olivia’s mom will also appear, played by Amy Madigan.