Friends Forever! 10 Television Circles Of Friends SL Wants To Join [PHOTOS]

Television Friendship Crushes
Friendships We Wish We Could Make A Reality
You can never have too many friends. You need one for every occasion! Right? We all need friends for partying, friends for gossiping (about other friends), chillin’, laughing and everything in between.

And then there’s those friends we WISH we had. Ever been a little jealous of the friendships on TV?

If only I could be the 7th member of the Friends group, my life would be complete. All I would do is laugh for days. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and I would be BFFs. That’s for sure.

So grab a friend, and a friend of that friend, and browse the gallery for 10 television friendships that we want to be part of! Let the initiating begin!