Friends Are Relieved That Tony Romo Didn’t Marry Jessica Simpson

June 1st, 2011 // 9 Comments

When Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo wed Candice Crawford in Dallas Saturday, relief was in the air.  Apparently guests were thrilled that Romo chose the former Miss Missouri and Dallas TV personality to be his bride instead of ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson.  Why?   It seemed that Simpson always put her career before Romo, which is news to, um, everyone.  Simpson, who is reportedly notorious for burying herself in relationships, apparently wasn’t 100% committed to the football player.

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Read more on why guests were so happy that Romo married Crawford after the jump.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a source claims that guests were gossiping about the expired couple as they celebrated Romo and Crawford.  Candace, says the source, “is all about Tony — and he’s the same way towards her. … With Jessica, you always knew she put her needs and her career ahead of Tony.”  This is the same girl who dyed her hair brown for John Mayer and got into art for fiance Eric Johnson, right?

Anyhoo…According to Womens Wear Daily, Simpson is collaborating with younger sister, Ashlee on a tween line for her Jessica Simpson fashion empire.  Simpson, seen at LAX yesterday catching a flight, said in a statement, “Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand. I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. good grief

    Is this the same TONY romo that cheated in Jesica’s bed or is that the same TONY Romo that cheated in Chicago or would that be the same Tony Romo that was caught with Blondes in the boat Jessica bought him? Yup Candice got a real good guy there. Maybe this is the same Romo that is self centered & selfish. he dumped his college girlfriend on a radio shoe & said it was no big deal & it was coming & then dumps Carrie Underwood by Text & then Dumps Jessica day before her Birthday. Yup Candice got herself a prize. Romo is on his way out so had to secure himself a somewhat celebrity based on her brothers celebrity.. Every woman wants one of them in there lives & marry them to boot.. You think his teammates ralley around him? Not too much. Now MR Bill Zwecker forgot to tell you the whole story. Tony is no innocent. Tony is in it for TONY. While keep stabbing at Jess just keep in mind Jerry Jones brought in 340 million last year & hmmm what did Jessica gross on Fashions alone under 1 billion like 900 million & targeted for a Billion 2012.. yeah thought
    I wonder what other endorsements Jessica collected on too.

    • colgate

      Who cares what the gross sales on her tacky line were. I know $750 million sounds impressive, but it is meaningless. All that matters is what the line profited and since the Simpsons never mention that, that could mean it is not profitable.

      Good for Romo for getting rid of the bloated parasite also known as Jessica Simpson. He traded way up with Candice.

  2. good grief

    Sorry Jones take was just under 4 & half million.. Jess doubled that??

  3. Tera

    If that story is true, thats sad for two reasons: 1, guests at their wedding were more interested in his ex then in the couple? Sad commentary on them if you ask me. 2, they didn’t like her because she refused to give up her career for him? What year are they living in, 1950? Was Tony going to quit football to be with her? No? Then be quiet.

    • colgate

      They didn’t like her because she used the relationship with Romo to try to get stories in the tabloids. Her career is to get publicity any way she can even if it means pimping out her relationships. She put pimping out the relationship ahead of Romo.

    • aquafresh

      That’s not what the story says, but either way, Us Weekly and TMZ both knew Tony’s wedding date and location months in advance, TMZ even had the invitation as well as pics of the actual proposal. There were also pics from their wedding and details on all the tabloid sites so its not like they didn’t pimp out their wedding too. I’ve seen plenty about it without even seeking it out. I’ve also heard radio interviews his wife did purely to discuss their relationship. So, to talk about Jessica is pretty hypocritical.

  4. Stacy

    The main person that was happy he didn’t marry Jessica was his accountant. He was afraid of the food bills she would run up.

  5. Stacy

    All kidding aside, who wouldn’t want Jessica Simpson? She can still look nice, has loads of money, easy to entertain and can never make you look dumb.
    Just keep her dad away and you got it made.

  6. colgate

    That’s exactly what the article says. It says that she was not liked because she put her career ahead of Romo. Her career is being a mediawh ore and she’s made her name pimping out relationships with men, starting with her husband. You can’t compare a couple of grainy cell phone pictures leaked to tmz to Jessica Simpson whose own father earns money selling pictures of his daughter and whatever man she’s with to the tabloids and helped her pimp her wedding and marriage in reality tv. Who then went on to name drop Romo every chance she got while she was promoting her failed country album.

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