Friend Wants None of That

Page Six reports that David Schwimmer prefers not to deal with Friends groupies while he’s out with the boys.

“FRIENDS” has been over and done with for two years, but David Schwimmer is still acting the part of the red-hot, leave-me-alone star. Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller on the late, great sitcom, barreled into Pastis the other night, unshaven with a gray ski cap over his head, accompanied by pals John Krasinski (Jim Halpert on “The Office”) and Joey Slotnick (Dr. Merril Bobolit on “Nip/Tuck”). “This sexy blond fan went over to talk to him, and he had this annoyed, very dismissive look on his face,” our spy said. “John was taking it in a good-natured way, but David had that ‘don’t-bother-me’ look.” A hostess started to intercept, but the admirer took the hint and split.

I like to think of the hostess hauling ass down the restaurant and getting ready to tackle that bim just because Ross Geller had a moue of disgust on his puss. Now that’s service. What does she do for celebrities who aren’t over? Shoot people?