Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five (Not Paris Hilton’s)


Who are those two people on two different coasts with cramped fingersfrom typing furiously and ghastly white complexions from being trapped in front of their computers and televisions hanging on for news and a burning desire to never hear about Paris Hilton ever again? Why, that’s Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey! This week was CRAY-ZAY with the Paris in/out/and back in jail saga. What a week! Lisa rose to the challenge and cracked me up!

1. Do You Remember Thinking McGrath Was Hot And Sort Of Cool? – This bit was so sad. Lisa has exactly summed up how uncomfortable life is when you’ve chosen to be a cheesy tv reporter over playing small dives because your star has fallen. Ten years ago, he wouldn’t have given these people the time of day.

2. Dina Lohan Visits Her Tax Deduction In Rehab -

BWE also said that the source said that Dina will be taking care of Lindsay’s dogs while she’s in L.A. That is just so sweet of her. Maybe from now on, she should pretend her kids are Lindsay’s dogs and actually, you know, take care of them.

Good point, Lisa. Dina is so foul.

3.Lonely Lindsay – First, props for mention Pound Puppies. I forgot about those things! And secondly?

Lucky for me, in the time it’s taken for me to write this post, she’s probably already run over a baby, framed a frenemy for murder and overdosed on spray-tan juice.

How does Lisa know what I do on the weekends?

4.Amy Winehouse Hard And Her Husband Hard At Work On Material For Her Next Album – I love that headline for this story about Amy and her new hubby having it out publicly. It was EXACTLY what I was thinking, Lisa.

5. There’s A Paris Hilton Expert In Our Midst” – I’m sorry, we had to end on a Paris note. Dude, Lisa is big time. CBS seeks HER ass out when they need experts to comment for their Showbuzz Blog podcast. This is why my girl is at awards shows and I’m sitting in a basement talking to rats.