Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five

April 20th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Tinsley Mortimer Is Winning And Celebs Don’t Even Know It’s A Competition – I love that headline, and I love this bit about socialite Tinsley Mortimer wearing the same outfits as celebs do and hoping to look better in them. Psycho.

2. John Travolta Is Deluded – Did you know that Johnny Trav has a very self-inflated ego? Click on the link.

3. “Heroes” Party – Lisa manages to remind us of the complete and utter disposability of the “Laguna Beach” cast. They’re like one of those outfits that only lasts after a couple of washings. We both usually have no idea who these people are and rely on other gossip rags to name them for us.

4. Joan Rivers Getting Replaced By A New Fake Face – My favorite headline of Lisa’s this week, and I’m actually a little saddened for that crazy Botox addict because she got the boot again. And dragged her daughter down with her!

5. Alec Baldwin Responds – I feel for Lisa because I know she’s a huge 30 Rock fan. I also know she’s not delusional and realizes that Alex is a good actor, but obviously a f*cking wackjob who should not have been allowed to breed. Ever. He shouldn’t be allowed to keep a hamster, let alone a daughter.

By J. Harvey

  1. sara

    Be of good cheer J. Harvey. Ireland is adopted, so Alec has not spread his angry seed! Feel better.

  2. We’ve all been blasted by our parents and have all been called much worse. Kim is a bitch for leaking the tape. The real victim is the kid. Selfish, spoiled actors.

  3. smiles

    i absolutely agree with you speedmonkey. i think Ms. Bassinger was out of line for leaking that tape. also, yeah… i’ve been reamed by my dad a few times and i turned out just fine.

  4. emjay

    What if Ireland released the tape?? I’m a therapist who works with girls this age, and believe me they can (and should) do it. Alex has not taken one bit of responsibility for his rage, his behaviors and the damage he has done to his daughter. We’re not talking about Kim here, she may be just as bad. But NO ONE, even under the biggest strain and stress, has the right to talk to a kid this way and then blame it on his ex. PUH-LEEESE!! He’s a fug SOB.

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