Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five

Tinsley Mortimer Is Winning And Celebs Don’t Even Know It’s A Competition – I love that headline, and I love this bit about socialite Tinsley Mortimer wearing the same outfits as celebs do and hoping to look better in them. Psycho.

2. John Travolta Is Deluded – Did you know that Johnny Trav has a very self-inflated ego? Click on the link.

3. “Heroes” Party – Lisa manages to remind us of the complete and utter disposability of the “Laguna Beach” cast. They’re like one of those outfits that only lasts after a couple of washings. We both usually have no idea who these people are and rely on other gossip rags to name them for us.

4. Joan Rivers Getting Replaced By A New Fake Face – My favorite headline of Lisa’s this week, and I’m actually a little saddened for that crazy Botox addict because she got the boot again. And dragged her daughter down with her!

5. Alec Baldwin Responds – I feel for Lisa because I know she’s a huge 30 Rock fan. I also know she’s not delusional and realizes that Alex is a good actor, but obviously a f*cking wackjob who should not have been allowed to breed. Ever. He shouldn’t be allowed to keep a hamster, let alone a daughter.

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