Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five

Did you guys know that Lisa Timmons was at US Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” party? She was hanging out, sipping cocktails with Lohan, and J. Lo and (ugh) Paris, and the rest. Why? Because that’s where she belongs, damnit! My invite got, uh, misplaced.

1. Lisa’s Exclusive from US Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” party – Goddamn. I’m jealous. I probably wouldn’t have even been allowed to wait tables at this thing. There are tons of exclusive details and hot pics at this link! Check it out! Go, Lisa!

2. Alec Baldwin Is Nice To His Daughter – Lisa got to report on this first, and I was jealous. But I was the first one to call DYS on his ass.

3. Cameron Diaz and Nicky Hilton Pop Their Zits Together – I assigned Lisa this story and I commend her intestinal fortitude. Because I booted just reading the newsfeed.

4. George Michael Has To Be Judged Before He Can Rock Out Most Likely Literally With His Cock Out – My favorite headline of the week, mostly because it’s true. You can find George in shrubs weekly, giving out blowjobs and smoking the herb with his tricks. It’s his “thing”.

5.Lisa’s An Aunt! – What? It’s gossip! Shut up! Shut up! For all you know her sister could be Kate Bosworth!