Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five


Gossip has been at an all time high this summer. Do we even need to review all the glorious drama happening around us on a daily basis? At the center is Lisa Timmons’. This week, she had an exclusive interview with Rose Byrne, star of FX’s hot new series “Damages”. You know, the one with Glenn Close? Look at us, playing in the big leagues! Go, Lisa!

1. Lisa’s Interview with Rose Byrne of FX’s “Damages” – Hot. Exclusive. Read it. Nuff’ said.

2. Jessica Alba Dumps Boyfriend For Not Wanting To Marry Her – Lisa is wise, and shares my annoyance with Jessica Alba and her beautiful, irritating self. Seriously, who can stand this chick who’s always complaining about the burden of gorgeousness. Lisa sums up the situation spot-on:

Oh, marriage, schmarrige. It’s a wedding that this one probably wants. Why am I being so cynical? Because she bugs me in general. She should just go out and buy a really big, poufy dress and throw herself a huge party because I have a sneaking suspicion that’s the thing she’s really hungry for anyways. Not the whole, “till death do us part, ” bit.


3. Britney And Dude Enjoy Community Lollipop – I just love the line where Britney’s mouth tastes like the floor of Pure.

4. Nicole Richie Admits She Thought She Could Drive High – Lisa sums up the gist of the celebrity world, and possibly this blog –

Now, whether or not she’s actually learned her lesson, because of the fact that Paris Hilton made such an ass of herself before, during and after her stay in jail, it’s hard not to find Nicole at least comparatively more mature. Also, I have to admit, her hair and make-up look good. And really, folks, isn’t that what’s important?


5. Kate Moss Pissed That Her Junkie Ex Keeps Talkin’ Shit – Sometimes Lisa and I get a little burnt out from having to mine through the detrius of celebrity. We just want to tell it like it is, especially when we create the headlines for our post. Because we’ve had enough. This is a perfect example of that. Right on, Kate Moss. And right on, Lisa!