Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Top Five

Lisa is my saving grace. While I was out on the high seas all last week drinkin’ and sluttin’ around on Rosie O’Donnell’s Big Gay Cruise, Lisa covered for my lazy ass. She did twice the amout of work – for a whole week! With nary a complaint! Has anyone had a co-worker as gracious and giving as Lisa? I doubt that people who worked with Mother Theresa felt she was that nice!

1. Kevin Federline’s New Love Life – Yeah, yeah. Kevin Federline has a new bitch, but it’s more important that Lisa has Kevin saying about Britney – “I f*cked the talent outta that chick”. HAH!

2. Our Cherry On This Podcast Got Busted, And We’re Totally Faking It – This is Lisa and Wayne’s LiquidLunch podcast. How can you even resist listening to this with that title? Have you no soul?

3. Courtney Love Gets More Stuff Tightened – I like this report for the comforting fact that Lisa tells us that Courtney didn’t look too “f*cked up”. That’s a stretch for Courtney. For Courtney, that’s a white picket fence, and fat grandchildren and a pony.

4. Lisa Breaks Down The British Invasion 2007 In Her Letter To The Editor – Lisa ends this by saying it didn’t make any sense. But it does. It’s a great breakdown of all the Brits that are attacking our shores, led by the Beckhams. Check it out.

5. Some Relative Of Ashton Kutcher’s Is Hating On Demi – Lisa’s right, this chick’s an attention whore.

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