Friday Five: Lisa Timmons’ Best of the Week

(Mavrix Photo)

We here at A Socialite’s Life work hard to bring you the latest in meaningless, yet totally hot gossip. And we like to pat ourselves on the back while doing it. Do you know how hard it is to write this much about people like Lindsay Lohan? It takes so many drugs. Anyway, we thought instead of patting OURSELVES on the back, we would laud EACH OTHER. That way we feel slightly less narcissistic. It’s brilliant!

My colleague Lisa Timmons is beautiful, vivacious, glamorous (did you read about her jet-setting with Skyy Vodka?) and hilarious. I love her writing and you should, too. Here are my picks for her top five this week -

1. The return of America’s Next Top Model . Lisa really captures exactly what goes on in that godforsaken house they all live in.

2. Britney sports the Star of David . Lisa suggests that Britney pay more attention to weave upkeep. Amen, sista.

3. Lindsay Lohab’s hungry and wants to get laid . I just liked when Lisa compared the plausability of Lindsay claiming she actually wants to eat and wishing for McDonald’s to flying around on a unicorn.

4. Armed and Dangerous Breaks a Leg, Farmer Shoots It in the Head Rather Than Pay Exorbitant Medical Bills . Best headline of the week. I laughed out loud and scared people.

5. That horrifying website that Paris probably okayed . Lisa’s rant in the first paragraph distills exactly how America feels about the whole sitch.