Friday Five: J. Harvey’s Top Five


Friday Five. It needs no introduction. It’s like a hot, one-night stand in the back of a seedy bar. We don’t need to talk. Just relax and…let it happen.

1. What The Hell? – Not that J. had anything to do with the creation of this picture, but it is just so mesmerizing and strange that it alone warrants its own entry here in the Friday Five. And then I have to give J. an E for Effort for clearly doing his best to try and sound constructive and not completely stunned, like the rest of us.

2. Wet – I love that if I were ten years old in the 80s, this totally would have been my Trapper Keeper cover. Also, J. seconds my emotion when he says that he’d much rather hear Mariah Carey dish on her trip to Crazy Town, than on how great her album is.

3. The Olsen Twins Are Psych(ot)ic – I have a feeling that against his better judgment, J. wrote up this post and is currently being haunted by the spirits of twins Ashley and Mary-Kate. But he’s such a dedicated blogger that he doesn’t even mind that his walls are bleeding.

4. Star Jones Drops The Charade – You know what you were thinking when you read the headline. So did J. He needs to quit playing games with our collective heart.

5. Alli Sims Steps Up Her Master Plan – If it weren’t for J., I would have no idea who this Alli Sims character is. Or any knowledge of the plot of “Les Miserables.”

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