Fresh Prince Not Down With Extraterrestrial Volcano Worship reports that despite attending Tom and Katie’s wedding, Will Smith isn’t planning on getting with the “clears” just yet.

Will Smith has turned his back on pal Tom Cruise’s efforts to convert him to Scientology because he doesn’t want to upset his late grandmother.

Smith admits he has spoken with Cruise about the church the Mission: Impossible actor is a fervent campaigner for, but he could never follow writer and thinker L. Ron Hubbard’s belief system.

He says, “I’ve talked to Tom about it–(there’s) lots of incredible, wonderful concepts (but, my wife) Jada (Pinkett Smith) and I don’t necessarily believe in organized religion.

“I was raised in a Baptist household and my grandmother would get up out of her casket (if I became a Scientologist).”

I think those are two marvelous reasons not to go running to the Celebrity Centre. Organized religion can be scary, and Nana Smith would whup your ass for that sort of foolishness.

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