‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Reunion! Will Smith Hangs Out With Carlton, AKA Alfonso Ribeiro

Willow Smith in Teen Vogue
The tiny singer has a larger than life persona in photographs.
Ready for the most amazing thing you’re going to see all day? Of course you are!

Will Smith hanging out with Carlton! Sorry, Alfonso Ribeiro. The former Fresh Prince Of Bel Air stars were spotted in London last night (May 23) enjoying an evening out at Boujis. Well, I guess now we know where daddy was while Jaden Smith was hanging with Selena.

You guys don’t even understand how much I love these photos. Few things make me happier than former co-stars hanging out together. Or making awesome videos à la this pseudo Friends reunion. So what’s Alfonso up to these days? 

Not much it seems. Luckily he still has that Will friendship. Also, I feel kind of bad that people call him Carlton and not Alfonso. But I guess it all just goes back to this magicalness.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Will and Alfonso hanging out. It’s funny, Alfonso looks more annoyed with the paparazzi than Will. Who would have thought!