French Kisses and the City

It wouldn’t be fashion if it hasn’t be a reinvented idea. “Sex and the City” is getting a makeover and a nip and tuck. The concept of a new pilot steers dangerously close to a French style HBO “Sex and the City” knockoff. The Daily reports that David Gerken is heatedly delving into research for his pilot.

“He’s writing about four U.S. expats in their early-to-mid-’30s, living in Paris. One of the characters, a woman who works in global marketing at Chanel, features a storyline in the pilot concerning running the Chanel show during Fashion Week. Other characters include a reporter at the Paris bureau of “The New York Times,” a sommelier in a chic restaurant, and a writer trying to pen the next great American novel while teaching tennis in the Luxembourg Gardens to support himself.”

I loved the show. Really and truly, I am a fan. But I can’t help but fear that the concept has been beaten to death and then had a safe dropped on it after being run over by a bus. You can’t just throw a Chanel tag on a knock off handbag and expect it to replace the real thing. Just like you can put a man in a dress, but he isn’t a Queen until you give him a fresh personality, a pair of size 10 Prada heels, and the soundtrack to Grease. I guess that doesn’t really have anything to do with it, but you get my drift.

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