French Actor & Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux’s Shirtless Intense Workout

Craig David Works It
Singer Craig David works out in Miami!
French actor and up and coming action star Julien Greaux was spotted keeping his body in shape with an intense workout at the beach in Santa Monica, California yesterday (July 25, 2013).

Julien is best known for his training videos. Since coming to the US in 2002, he’s been on the cover of over 25 magazines, as well as doing hundreds of other photo shoots.

He became the Fitness/Mixed Martial Arts director at jamcore training. He runs his own Mixed Martial Arts camp, which has “expert instruction from some of the world’s greatest exponents, and teaches its students how to integrate the various arts to become a physically and mentally superior athlete.” I’d say that’s a pretty impressive resume. 

Launch the gallery to check out Julien in action and see what it takes to get a body like his! Plus, check out the the french perfection at his best carving his shoulders and demonstrating with the help of host Bodybuilding champion and Gen-tec Nutrition Owner Nick Jones.

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