Freida Pinto & Dev Patel Focus On Careers First, Then Relationship

Slumdog Millionaire co-stars turned happy couple Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are one duo you won’t see attached at the hip all the time. The pair has agreed to prioritize their careers over their relationship, but that doesn’t mean their bond is less strong.

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“We’ve arrived at a situation where understanding is primary,” Pinto told the U.K.’s The Independent. Now we don’t need to Skype all the time, we don’t need to talk every day over the phone. It’s just understanding that OK, he’s doing a film right now, so today is gonna be a busy day for him, he’ll call me up tomorrow…”

Although she and Patel both have busy work schedules, Pinto, who studied English Literature at college in Mumbai, told the publication that she feels like a minority among her friends for being less satisfied by school and pursuing a career in entertainment.

“I actually didn’t mind school, and I enjoyed university and college. But while that was happening I still knew that this was not satisfying enough,” Pinto said. “… [my sister and I] were naturally inclined towards not doing anything that was super-academic from the very beginning. We were always interested in performing arts, and media-related stuff.”Regardless, both Pinto and her boyfriend have been successful. Now, while Patel is working on films such as Cherry with James Franco, Pinto is promoting her new film Rise of the Plant of the Apes, which hits theaters this Friday.

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