Jessica And Vanessa Brought The Stank To The Panty Show

Various celebs showed up to be difficult at the Frederick’s of Hollywood 2008 fashion show last night in L.A. Isn’t Frederick’s the kinda trashy lingerie? A lot of diamond cuts over the nipples, etc. *shudder* The press was informed that they weren’t allowed to ask Jessica Simpson any questions. And when Zac Efron and his slutty girlfriend (sorry, there’s photos and video to prove it) Vanessa Hudgens showed up, people were told to clear out and give them their table.

After Simpson viewed a parade of runway models displaying corsets designed by celebrities, a request was made for her to share her favorite moment of the evening. But her protectors stepped in and said she had only just arrived, as Simpson, who had been there for an hour, sat next to them in silence.

Hudgens clammed up when she was asked to discuss her favorite looks of the evening, inspiring Efron to pipe in: “I’m not really an underwear kind of guy, but she is.” Indeed, Efron did look bored as celebrated stripteaser Dita Von Teese performed in a gilded bird cage. Keeping a tight grip on her man, Hudgens would say only that she liked the feathers that appeared on models throughout the evening.

Let me clue you bitches in on something? All this? Goes away. You are not going to be allowed to take over people’s tables and be rude to the rest of the human race for eternity. Boobs will sag and faces will melt and you’re gonna be headed for the Surreal Life if you haven’t been asked already. So why not lengthen it while you can and be a little more magnanimous? And Zac Efron is a woman. I swear. His trannie name is Kerri. He just looks like a “Kerri”.

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Many more photos (Jessica Simpson, Rashida Jones, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Kristen Bell, Amanda Bynes, Janet Jackson, Dita Von Teese, Brody Jenner, Aisha Taylor, Rex Lee, Becki Newton, Bai Ling, Cheri Oteri, Jane Kaczmereck, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Ken Paves, Eric Balfour, Kat Von D, Kim Smith, John Cho, Marla Sokoloff) from the Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Show are after the jump.

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