Fred Durst And His Small Penis Suing Gawker

March 5th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Wow. This is huge. No pun intended. Really.

Fred Durst Is suing Gawker Media.It seems as if taking down the video days before being asked to, isn’t enough for Durst. He still has a small dick.

The blogsphere has weighed in, and the consensus is that it was pretty stupid of Gawker to host the video. I would have to agree. I referenced the other sites hosting the video, but A Socialite’s Life would never host a porn video.

Here’s a sampling of what is being said -

Jason Calacanis:

Nick takes a lot of risks I would never consider taking on our blogs, however this lawsuit by Fred Durst based on Gawker Media linking to the sex video is just silly.

Linking to something is not the same as hosting something… what next, we have someone who points out a crime in progress to go to jail for that crime? Linking is pointing… it’s 2005 people, come on, we’ve settled this issue! [Jason Calacanis]

Felix Salmon:

Denton is reputedly obsessed with – the ultimate high-profit-low-buzz website. But I can assure him that the number of people who read both the New York Observer and is minuscule. If he’s selling a highbrow audience to his advertisers, he’s going to have to stop the slide downmarket on his websites.

Maybe he realised that today: a couple of hours after the Fred Durst video went up on Gawker, it got taken down. (OK, full disclosure: after I told Lockhart Steele that I thought he’d jumped the shark, he took the video off the page.) But so long as Denton encourages his bloggers to above everything maximise the number of hits they get, this kind of thing is going to continue to appear. In the short term, it certainly helps Gawker Media’s traffic. []

Negro Please:

The erosion of privacy as a right is a big concern for me. That Durst and Hilton before him are generally unliked doesn’t make those invasions of privacy any more okay. Even more than that, forget the celebrities in each situation, there is another person in the video who isn’t famous but who is being pimped across the internet and there are all those people in Paris’s phone book who didn’t ask to have their information shared with the world.

It is the same problem I have with people hosting and watching the R.Kelly Sex tapes. There is an underage girl in the video. Fuck R. Kelly but what about her rights? [Negro Please]

Read the whole lawsuit at The Smoking Gun.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. What’s worse is politicians are looking at regulating bloggers’ right to link to political parties or candidates. This is just plain wrong and I think it’s time a Blogger’s Union began.

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  3. intense!

    jason mulgrew
    internet quasi-celebrity

  4. mso

    Whether you link to something or host it, the result is the same: people will watch the video. At least hosting it directly shows more balls than just linking to it and by doing so, washing your hands of all responsibility… “I didn’t do it, I just linked to it”. Same shit. I think it’s lame that you can get sued for hosting something but not for linking.

  5. I feel like such an evil bastard now. How could I think that was funny? I guess that makes me a coward. But really, he is an egomaniacal bastard who put everyone elses business out there (Christiana A., Britney, etc) and when it happens to him…with proof…he cries. He went out of his way to make other people look bad and you know when a womans rep is hurt, it is very hard to recover. If he were packing I’m sure it would be less of an issue. I feel sorry for the girl, but she looked beautiful (this from a straight woman), he looked stupid…with his little weiner.

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