Frank Ocean Shares His Sexuality [PHOTOS]

Anderson Cooper Comes Out
The talk show host says he's happy and proud.
Frank Ocean opens up to his fans, his friends, and himself about his sexuality in a letter shared on Tumblr. I found myself clutching my chest because the letter he wrote was so beautifully written. In the letter, he goes to speak about a romance he had with a man at 19. The feelings he had for this man inevitably sparked questions regarding past girlfriends.

He also comments about how he wrote to keep him “busy and sane” because it was obviously difficult to keep such a huge aspect of his life hidden. He closes with acknowledging the fact that he doesn’t know what will happen now. But that he feels “like a free man”.

Apparently his new album “Channel Orange” (released July 17) alludes to his sexuality, according to blogger This Is Max. The blogger commented this after Ocean went public with his sexuality: “On the back of my review many big entertainment sites like Complex, Billboard and MTV questioned what I said and Twitter went nuts. The most important thing I guess I have learnt is I was one of the only few people that listened to the music properly…I guess……”

Tyler, the Creator, Ocean’s friend and Odd Future group member, tweeted “My Big Brother Finally F**king Did That, Proud Of That Ni**a Cause I Know That Shit Is Difficult Or Whatever.” Ironically enough, Sara Quin from indie band Tegan and Sara criticized Tyler, the Creator for his anti-gay and misogynistic lyrics. Tyler said that he was not homophobic in interviews, saying that “people take things too seriously.”

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