Francesa Eastwood Sets Fire To A Birkin Bag, People Are Pissed [PHOTOS]

Celebs & The Birkin Bag
36 pics of the coveted bag.
Sacrilege!  Controversial photographer Tyler Shields snapped pictures of Mrs. Eastwood & Company’s Francesa Eastwood setting fire to a $100,000 red crocodile Birkin Bag, one of the most coveted, bitch-get-yourself-on-a-wait-list bags in the world.  Welp, people are up in arms over the “artistic photos,” and some even went as far as to threaten Eastwood via social media.

TMZ collected a few of the love notes, which include:

  • “Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten bitch to burn 100k bag.”
  • “You’re a stupid whore. How f***ing dumb can you be.”
  • “You should kill urself, ungrateful bitch – wasted money when families can’t eat.”

Shields captioned the photos on his site, which naturally pissed off the masses:

“Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…”

“Would you want this bag?  Are you sad to see me destroy it?”

Shut up and donate the money you burned to a worthy cause.