Fracas At The Wynn

Chapter 2,345 of the crazy. Britney’s bodyguard (who by the way is a big slice of man, grrrrr) allegedly put the beatdown on a pap near the spa at the Wynn in Vegas for getting too close to baby Sean Preston (check out the photos from the fracas here). Sean Preston was probably trying to get the photog to run away with him because you know he’s done with that crazy heifer mom of his. He’s sick of her using the Diaper Genie as an ashtray!

Eyewitnesses exclusively tell that Spears’ bodyguard Julio “JC” Camera roughed up a photographer outside the Wynn spa after an altercation over the photographer’s proximity to – and possible contact with – one of her children.

A photographer who was shooting Spears vacationing with her two children at the resort claims that earlier today, Camera shoved his partner in the chest and accidentally hit toddler Sean Preston in the process.

Ouch, the baby got hit? That’s no good. Keep reading for more detail. I hope Sean sues everyone, starting with his hell mama.

The photographer then alleges that Spears started yelling while Camera tackled his partner to the ground and began punching. He claims that after Wynn security asked all parties involved to leave, the Las Vegas police were called to take statements.

Sgt. Loretto of the Las Vegas Police Department tells that Camera has been issued a citation for misdemeanor battery. Meanwhile, Loretto says that Spears has filed an allegation of battery on behalf of Sean Preston against photographer Kyle Henderson.

The Wynn’s not commenting, but Britney and her crew were allegedly asked to vacate the premises and she checked out around 5:30ish. As we reported earlier, her Vegas jaunt with the babies was a violation of her custody agreement with K-Fed and he’s allegedly unhappy about this sitch. Stay tuned. Stay tuned because if I have to, so do you! Damn, we’re ALL put upon with this mess. Our apologies.