Foxy Brown’s On The Lam

My favorite bull in a beauty supply shop, Foxy Brown aka Inga Marchand, has a warrant out for her arrest. That’s going to take a SWAT team to reel her in because she’s insane in the membrane and she will hurl beauty supplies at you.

Brown failed to appear in Broward County court on battery charges — the result of a big hoo-hah at a Florida beauty supply shop. Brown was applying beauty products in the store’s bathroom when the owner tried to close up shop. Brown allegedly threw a tantrum and threw hair glue at the owner, then allegedly spat on him.

After it became apparent that Brown was not going to appear, Judge Lazurus issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

HAH! You know she’s in NYC, stiffing restaurants on the bill and wondering how long she can lie low ’til this all blows over. Maybe next time you’ll think about shit before going beserk and hucking weave glue and spitting, ya big crazy. Is there a reward?

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