Foxy Brown Prays To God In Hopes That Nail Technicians Will Never Piss Her Off Again

April 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments


More photos of Foxy Brown at St. Paul’s The Apostle Church in New York are after the jump.

(Hint – Right-click on the image thumbnails with your mouse to open them in a new tab or window.)


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Beelzebub

    Wow – so the paps will follow u into church to take pics?

    Or was this all a planned photo shoot for PR.

  2. spaz

    to beelz…it’s the latter, I’d bet the farm on it.

  3. green cardigan

    yes, she left the sunglasses on, even though the church is dim.

  4. Shay

    ^ She took the sunglases off while praying and put them back on after .. i think it was genuwine because shes been going through alot recently with her hearing acting up again.

  5. Yo

    I love how she needs to keep her bluetooth on to pray.

  6. SweetSoprano

    Um Yo, I don’t think that’s her bluetooth…I’m guessing that’s a hearing aid.

  7. jbonz


  8. say what?

    “genuwine”? yeah, I’d give weight to the opinion of someone who spells like a rapper.

    what is this fascination with spelling things wrong on purpose? I hope you realize it doesn’t make you sound “cool”, only uneducated.

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