Foxy Brown Now Says She Wasn’t Present For Her Own Beatdown, What?


Earlier, we reported that Foxy Brown was in an altercation this weekend in which a former boyfriend’s uh, lady friends beat the stuffing out of her. Apparently, this was only a “colorful story” that she told the cops. Because the cops really need a story lady in their lives. She should read them “Miss Nelson Is Missing!”.

Foxy Brown is a “colorful character” who was merely telling cops a “colorful story” when she claimed a woman mugged her at a Brooklyn housing project, the suspect’s lawyer said yesterday.

Clinton Hughes said his client Roshawn Anthony “denies these charges in their entirety.”

But, despite the fact that the hotheaded hip-hopper now denies she was even in the East New York projects when the supposed crime took place, Anthony, a stripper, was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Foxy is already on probation herself for her beatdowns of salon workers and beauty shop supply owners. She’s a role model. These are some tasteful people. When do they do the Martha show? I want to know how Foxy and Roshawn handle it when a guest brings an unexpected extra to a dinner party or how to make napkin rings out of glitter macaroni. By the way? Hearing aid getting ripped out? Ow.

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