Foxy Brown Is Claiming Her Innocence

April 14th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Foxy (Inga Marchand is her real name – kind of classy) is claiming her innocence in the attack of two nail salon workers. And she wants us to look at her.

Foxy Brown says she didn’t beat up two nail salon workers over a $20 pedicure – and her toes are worth more than that anyway. “A $20 pedicure? Are you serious?” she joked to reporters Monday outside the courtroom where she pleaded not guilty to assault over the August 2004 incident.

“I mean, look at me!” she said. “I got the pedicure, but they didn’t give me the manicure,” she said outside court.

Prosecutors charge that Brown kicked and hit a manager, Sun Ji Song, causing “bruising and swelling to the face, as well as substantial pain.” They said the salon’s employees ran out to Brown’s car and stood in front of it to block her. At one point, they said, the rapper slugged one of the workers with a cell phone.

Why is the cell phone a weapon of choice for women?

Brown Says She Didn’t Beat Up Workers [1001wins]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steve

    God lord! This womam looks like she’s made of plastic or has some sort of Eel skin. Creepy.

  2. Tom

    Sheesh, don’t people know not to F with the Ill Na Na?

  3. HollbackBoy

    Massive nips on this one eh?

  4. petasse

    who cares about foxy brown? does she even do anything any more?? i mean, besides being rude to salon and boutique workers??

  5. Matthew

    Whatever, as soon as that pop tart Lil’ Kim does her bid in the slammer playing “How Many Licks” with Bertha and Patty, we’ll see who the real rapper is! G’head Fox do the damn thing and represent the West Indian Massive to fullest. Wooleez!!

  6. CentralScrutinizer

    Grossest. Tits. Ever.

  7. Randy Nagitsy

    Man even if lil kim goes to jail it’s just gonna add to her fame. The FB is aight, but if you actually sit down and listen to her rhymes your gonna notice how much she’s a lying bitch who can’t write worth shit. Man I mean your gonna hear all the catch phrases she jacked of the QB, I heard alot of jacking in her music. But I think that was kewl how the FB tried to make peace after all the stunts she pulled. Also I dont understand why Lil Kim got so frustrated over the song Bang Bang? The rhyming on that song is like two kids playing with words? it’s kinda funny. Well if the Queen is forced to set her crown down for awhile, then I think Jacki-O is gonna claim tha crown, her songs are tight 2. Slow Down, was pretty kewl. Overall FB is full of shit, and the queen is hot!

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