Foxy Brown Claims Police Brutality, Weave Glue Just Flew Out Of Her Hand And Struck Employees As If By Magic


Foxy Brown’s crazy ass is claiming police brutality in her recent bust for smacking around beauty supply store employees . Keep in mind this is not the first time Foxy has snapped on a retail clerk/hair stylist/nail sculptor. She’s round the sanity bend, on the way to Naomi-ville. Though she is making strides in showing the general public that deaf people can be assholes, too. Marlee Matlin is not amused.

The rapper held a press conference yesterday, and attacked the Pembroke Pines Police for their alleged treatment of her during her February 15th arrest. The store owner claims Brown went on a violent rampage that included squirting hair glue, knocking over displays and spitting at him.

“The only crime I am guilty of committing is being a young black female celebrity in Broward County,” said Brown. “I am the victim of an overzealous police department who engaged in police brutality and a money hungry store owner whose motives are for me to pay his mortgage on his house and his children’s tuition.”

Keep reading to find out what state of undress Foxy (aka Inga Marchand) claims she was in when the store owner approached her.

Brown also added the store owner barged in on her while she was on the toilet and demanded she leave the store without giving her the privacy to get dressed. Though Brown went off on the police department and the store owner, she didn’t deny the charges they filed against her.

She was on the can? What? He didn’t give her time to pull up her drawers? That is not Hot Spot. That’s legitimate cause to throw weave glue and press-on nails. Hell, I’d be running around splashing agonizingly hot VO5 Hot Oil Treatment on bitches if they rolled up on me on the throne. I’m very private.

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