Foxy Brown Blames It On The Mailman

Bitch, my father was a mailman. Don’t make me snatch that weave. Inga Marchand (aka Foxy) is saying that the summons to the hearing she was supposed to show up at last week was lost in the mail. A likely story!

The rapper finally made it to Fort Lauderdale for the hearing she missed last week–albeit four-and-a-half hours late due to a delayed flight–and her lawyer explained that the Brooklyn resident wasn’t in court on Mar. 22 because her notice to appear was sent to an old address in New Jersey.

Broward County Judge Joel Lazarus seemed satisfied and threw out the arrest warrant he had issued for Brown when she didn’t show up.

“I am going to stand up and fight and take care of this,” Brown said outside the courthouse, per the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

…if the damn postman don’t lose my trifling summons again. The U.S. Postal Service should sue her, but then she’ll be out throwing weave glue and hot combs at mailmen.


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