FOX To Debut ‘Skating With Celebrities’

In what is sure to be riveting television, and a rip-off of Dancing With the Stars, FOX is debuting Skating With Celebrities. It has now been confirmed that anything can be given the greenlight in Hollywood.

Trying to take a page from ABC’s white-hot “Dancing with the Stars,” FOX is going for the gold with a new celebrity ice-skating show.

The new program, aptly titled, “Skating with Celebrities” will pair famous faces with well-known pros in a weekly elimination competition, reports Variety. “If it’s interesting to see celebrities ballroom dancing, it’s going to be incredibly interesting to see if they can master a double axel and a spin,” said FOX reality programming boss Mike Darnell.

“Watching a celebrity try to master something this intricate is going to be compelling to watch. We expect a lot of falls and a lot of nerves.”

I personally don’t understand the viewing public tastes. I mean while shows like Entourage and Arrested Development are struggling to find viewers, America is watching crap like Dancing With the Stars. Here are some ideas I’m thinking of pitching to the networks.

- Shopping With Socialites
– Rollerblading With the D-List
– Watching Stars Watching Dancing With the Stars
– Driving Around L.A. With Lindsay Lohan
– Picking Your Nose With Jennifer Lopez

God help us.

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