FOX News Confuses Kathy Griffin With Kathy Lee Gifford

Granted, it’s my opinion that fact-checking is for the birds, but I’m not a journalist. In an article on the FOX News website, quotes from Kathy Griffin currently promoting her new book, Official Book Club Selection, were mistakenly attributed to Kathy Lee Gifford. Ha! Glorious!

Sadly, the quotes concerning politics were corrected, effectively destroying the hilarity. Griffin’s quote to Entertainment Tonight was, “Hollywood hates on Republicans because they feel the Republicans and conservatives are about repression and Hollywood is about expression. That sounds kind of smart.”

This segues into a quote from wacky daytime talk show host, Gifford, who recently said of President Barack Obama, “I would like to see him listen more to Middle America. They’re trying to have their voice heard but they’re being dismissed as a mob or Astroturf or different things.”

Here’s the Cliff Notes version, FOX News: Kathy Lee Gifford is the one slowly driving Hoda Kotb completely insane and Kathy Griffin is the one surrounded by a mob of admiring gays with multiple Emmys soldered to the hood of her car.

Gallery Info: Kathy Griffin at a book signing for Official Book Club Selection.