Fox Defends Its Idol

The reality-singing phenomenon that has launched the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson (just to name a few) is now under fire for being “cruel” to its contestants. From My Way News:

On ABC’s “The View” this past week, Rosie O’Donnell lashed out at the way contestants were treated by “three millionaires, one probably intoxicated.”

“If you keep serving people crap and telling them it’s a meal, they’re eventually going to think it is a meal,” O’Donnell said.

Fox’s Liguori said the judges know what makes “Idol” and that this is just the continuation of a successful formula. “Let’s face it, the show has been on the air six years, the judges have been critical for six years,” he said.

And he forgot to add, “And Paula Abdul’s been wasted for much longer than that…so there.” Also, seriously, Rosie, do you have to be that guy in the bar who challenges every single person who walks in to arm wrestle you? Really? Do you?

Fox: ‘Idol’ Not Cruel to Contestants [My Way News]