Forty-Something Never Looked So Good, Hollywood Women In Their Forties [PHOTOS]

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Getting older is never easy. Thank goodness for the creams, injections and surgical magicians out there. Whether they have taken the easy route or worked their butts off doing pilates and yoga 24/7, Hollywood’s stars have made aging the cool thing to do!

With cameras all up in their faces wherever they go, it’s just about crucial for celebs to look their best. Goodness forbid being caught on a “no-makeup” or “wrinkle” tabloid article. Lucky stars like Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry don’t have to worry about such a thing. At least not on our watch.

Some of these ladies don’t look anything past 30 like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, so it comes as surprise that some of them made the list. Whatever the trick is, I’m down!

Check out the gallery for 15 of the hottest female celebrities who are in their forties and let us know what you think about their youthful looks.