“Forrest Gump” Make-Up Artist Murder and Suicide

From CNN:

A makeup artist nominated for an Oscar for her work in “Forrest Gump” shot her husband and killed herself in their home, authorities said Wednesday. Hallie D’Amore, 64, and her 65-year-old photographer husband, Richard, were found dead Friday by co-workers who were concerned when she failed to show up for work, police Detective Mike DePasquale said. There was no sign of a struggle or forced entry, and a gun was found, authorities said. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has ruled the deaths a murder-suicide. DePasquale said Hallie D’Amore left a “disjointed” note of several pages but it did not mention a specific motive.

Not that it’s not an illustrious movie–because I know that it is–but if I were a movie make-up artist who happened to get in the papers for committing a murder-suicide, I’d like to hope they’d mention more than just one film from my resume.

‘Forrest Gump’ makeup artist kills husband, self [CNN]


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