Former US Weekly Writer Likes em’ Young

Jossip reports on some scandal involving a former US Weekly writer. Ugh.

Can Us Weekly weather another scandal? It’s gonna have to, though at least with Timothy McDarrah, the Wenner tabloid can say he’s no longer on their payroll (seen here in April ’05 at Paula Froelich’s it! book party). Which is great for Janice & Co., because McDarrah was just convicted in a Manhattan court of soliciting sex with a minor. The 44-year-old former Las Vegas Sun reporter was found guilty on charges of trying to get with a 13-year-old, except this little girl was all Dateline: To Catch A Predator and actually just a federal agent posing as a little lass. And you all know how much we hate posers.

McDarrah, of course, was let go from his “Hot Stuff” column duties at Us following his arrest last year.

Why don’t child molesters just stick to victimizing at Build-A-Bear like in the olden days? Everyone knows that 10 out of 10 kids looking for FORTY YEAR OLDS ONLINE are feds with a quota. Dumbasses.

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