Former Porn King, Al Goldstein, Now Selling Bagels


Al went from Porn King, to homeless, to Bagel salesman. Bring out the tissues for this inspirational story.

The former owner of Milky Way Productions, home of Screw magazine and the now defunct X-rated cult show “Midnight Blue,” went bankrupt over a year ago after amassing an $11 million fortune.

Those he befriended in the porn business, a billion-dollar industry he helped pioneer, turned their backs to him. Even his own son, Jordan, a Harvard graduate who works for a New York-based law firm, refuses to speak to him.

Goldstein was hired late last year as a greeter at New York’s 2nd Avenue Deli, paid $10 an hour to welcome customers and show them to their tables. He held the position for a few months but was fired when it was discovered he was sleeping in the restaurant. Now he works at New York City Bagels on commission, cold calling customers to generate corporate accounts. [Reuters]

Come on, Jordan, give papa a call.

[photo via Reuters]