Former Jane Mag Editor Claims She Had Hot Lesbo Sex With Drew Barrymore

March 29th, 2007 // Leave a Comment


And, I have herewith just won the prize for coming up with the classiest post title of the week. In what I’m sure is a FREAK coincidence, former editor of Jane magazine, Jane Pratt, just revealed on her new Sirius Satellite Radio show the identity of her girl-on-girl fling. Pratt used to be a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show and recently announced:

“One of my dreams is to return to Howard’s show and tell him the truth about Drew Barrymore and me.”

She says that years ago, Stern asked her on-air if she had ever had sex with a woman. At the time, she answered “yes,” but then demurred when he asked if it was someone famous.

“It was someone famous,” she confessed on her show. “I did have sex with Drew Barrymore.”

I really need an ace like that up my sleeve. Unfortunately, all I know about mine is that her name is Kim and I think I was supposed to call her back, but seriously, like THAT was ever going to happen. I may be slutty, but I don’t double-dip.

By Lisa Timmons

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