Former Clay Aiken Fans Speak Out

March 23rd, 2006 // 13 Comments

These people need to get a life. If Clay Aiken is gay, he’s deep in the closet (not very convincingly). And since Mr. Aiken hasn’t denied or verified the rumors, this whole complaint really has no basis whatsoever. Grow up people.


March 21, 2006 — Raleigh, NC — In response to American Idol judge Simon Cowell’s 3/17/06 comments on Larry King Live broadcast on CNN in which he described the actions of nine former fans of singer Clay Aiken as “crazy”:

“We are grateful that the merits of our complaint will be heard by the FTC instead of a pretend judge from a televised talent show.”

“We have been dismayed to see our complaint characterized in the media as homophobic. That is not our intention and while central to our complaint it is regrettable that Mr. Aiken’s sexuality has come under scrutiny. Our complaint is not about defaming Mr. Aiken or his sexual preferences. It is directed toward the deceptive practices of the record companies.”

The history of the recording industry misleading the consumer through deceptive practices is documented from the recent settlement of New York Attorney General Spitzer’s investigative probe into “Payola”, the ongoing US Justice Department investigation into price fixing of music downloads, to the public spectacle of deceptions behind performers Milli Vanilli and Ashley Simpson’s “live” performance on Saturday Night Live. The former fans believe that the companies’ marketing and promotion behind Aiken was yet another deliberate attempt to mislead the consumer.

“This is part of a culture of institutional deception behind James Frye, Jason Blair, ENRON, Milli Vanilli, Ashley Simpson and now Clay Aiken. We believe that it is the difference between private behavior versus public responsibility.”

“We await the FTC answer to our complaint and will have no further comment until that time.”

The nine former fans of Clay Aiken, listing themselves as aggrieved consumers, filed a FTC complaint on February 17 2006 against recording companies RCA and SONY/BMG for false advertising and misrepresentation in the marketing and promotion of Aiken. They remain extremely protective of their identities having encountered promises of harassment and online threats toward them from Aiken’s notorious fan base.

Poor Ashlee Simpson, they spelled her name wrong.

(Source: Pressbox)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Heather

    They also misspelled James FREY and JAYSON Blair. Idiots.

  2. doofus

    I hardly see how this is on par with Jason Frey or Asslee Simpson.

    I don’t recall the record companies ever “marketing” Clay Aiken as a heterosexual sex symbol, so I don’t see how this is “deceptive marketing”.

    if you like his music, you shouldn’t care who he sleeps with (unless it’s small children or animals).

    and if you only like his music because you think he’s “hot” (EW!), then you’re not a true fan of the MUSIC, just the PERSON.

    To add, I’m not a fan, I don’t care what his sexual orientation is…but I think it sucks that he can’t or won’t be true to himself.

  3. danny

    i always thought it was funny how when wicked repulsive guys are gay, girls are like awww i love jimmy! but when heterosexual 450 pound jimmy with no teeth is straight, they want to burn him. which like, for all intent and purpose is great…but im just sayin clay is uuugly so just be gay and everyone can go aww.

  4. tia

    I want to know what makes Clay so gay !! I mean honestly I want to know. I know several guys that ppl call gay and they are not. Is it the spiked hair, his clothes, the way he talks and looks !!!??? Is that not judging someone by the cover?!?! I dont like Clay and I didn’t vote for him, but I think that these former Clay fans need to get their behinds whooped for being so damn corny. Secondly I respect Simon for not really speaking about Clays situation. Its obvious that the claim is absolute ludacris and he knows its none of his business. So power to the Cowell !! Fuck the former caly fans .. they can suck my dogs ….

  5. DB

    These fans are sick. THey think they have a right to know about his sexuality. Well guess what? If you are so dang concerned with making sure you don’t buy an album from a homo, stop buying albums. (I don’t mean to use ‘homo’ disrespectfully but am being sarcastic!)

    I am just seriosuly FREAKED out that people are actually saying you are defrauding them if you don’t include a release on your album’s cover in regards to your personal sex habits.

  6. doofus

    tia, it’s more than just the way he looks.

    have you not heard about and/or seen the (alleged) IM conversations he’s had with guys he met on so-called “gay trolling” websites?

    and the screen-shots of him that he (allegedly) sent to said guys?

    and the guy who’s saying that he had a sexual encounter with clay and has the DNA-encrusted washcloth to prove it?

    like I said, it’s more than the way he looks…there’s a lot of other “evidence” to point in that direction.

  7. DB

    One other thought:
    Milli Vanilli was impersonating a live perfomance.
    Ashley Simpson was impersonating a live performance.
    Blair was writing false artiles as truth and plagerising.
    Enron was stealing your money and cooking the books to hide it.
    James Frye was announcing , “hey everyone, here is my memoire,” when it wasn’t.

    That does not equal you are too dumb to realize Clay is very effiminate man and that COULD POSSIBLY point to gay.

  8. DB

    Sorry for the typos…

  9. tia

    Doofus I see what you are saying .. but we dont know for sure if the “evidence” is for real. I remember seein a post on here awhile back of pics of clay chattin it up online … those could be photo shopped pics or something .. I think ppl target him cuz of his looks .. so they make up all this b/s .. hollywood is just like high school .. ppl make up rumors and do outrageous things for attention .. I think thats what they are doing to Clay .. however thats just my opinion

  10. doofus

    there’s also the fact that he’s NEVER been linked, even casually, to ANY girlfriend.

    circumstantial evidence is just that…CIRCUMSTANTIAL…but if enough of it adds up…

    you know, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…

  11. clayaikenforever


  12. Coif

    Oh please these in-bred’s can barely walk let alone write and speak.

  13. Francine

    Before Aria Giovanni married John5 (John Lowery) she was dating Clay Aiken. I saw pictures of them together.

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