Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Josiah Hawley’s Hot Shirtless Workout Shows Off His Six Pack

Josiah Hawley
Josiah Hawley spotted out and about in LA.
Hottie Josiah Hawley took some time to workout on the Beach in Santa Monica, CA yesterday (May 06, 2014). Judging by his six pack, working out is something that Josiah definitely does on a regular basis.

Hawley rode his motorcycle to the ocean and stripped off his shirt and changed into a pair of red shorts on the beach before getting on with his workout on the sand.

Judging from his Twitter account, it seems as if Josiah may be recording some new music.


Loved his voice, so my fingers are crossed for at least a new single!

Launch the gallery to see more yummy shirtless pics of Josiah, and check out the video below to take a look back at Josiah singing on The Voice.