Former Teen Prostitue Zahia Dehar Debuts Lingerie Collection [PHOTOS]

Zahia Dehar
What a French hooker looks likes
Yup, you read that correctly. Zahia Dehar, the French teenage prostitute, is now a lingerie designer. And it’s not your usual Victoria’s Secret type stuff. It’s weird, it’s got giant cupcakes and it barely covers body parts. Apparently Zahia really has a thing for showing off her boobs, as well as other people’s.

Zahia made headlines back in 2010 when she was found to have slept with three members of the French soccer team, despite the fact that she was only 16. She took that fame and tried to make something good out of it, I guess. Zahia debuted her lingerie collection at Fashion Week and what an…interesting collection it is.

Check out all the photos of Zahia’s collection in the gallery and tell us if you would ever wear any of her designs. There’s one kind of pretty red thing, not that I want to wear it. What do you think of the collection? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!