Former ‘Man Vs. Wild’ Star Bear Grylls Soaks Up The Sun In Miami, Lands New Show [PHOTOS]

Will Ferrel Versus the Wild!
The comedian enjoys urine and eyeballs.
Bear Grylls took some time off to lounge in the Miami sun yesterday afternoon. The adventurer and TV personality, best know for the series Man vs. Wild, sported a stripped shirt and trunks with boats on them!

The Brit, whose show was cancelled by Discovery Channel this time last year, landed a new deal with them to host the new unscripted series, Ultimate Survivor. The show retells the stories of ordinary people stranded in devastatingly dire situations using archive footage and interviews with the survivors.

Not bad for someone who was accused of faking a show that depicted the wild life! It’s alright…at least we got to see a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal on the show!