Forgive Me Father, For You are Fabulous!

Donatella Versace just made me love her even more. With her priest fetish a well known fact she has devoted an entire collection to her beloved “Gorgeous Georg.” The lust has created a line of men’s clothing that has been coined as priest chic. Milan was the lucky debut site for the dedication of Monsignor Georg Ganswein inspiration.

“I was certainly inspired by him. I find his austerity very elegant. It is the right moment to show an ethical and spiritual man, free from all those pointless details. I also like Gregorian garb.”

Georg is the Pope’s right hand man with an appetite for tennis and a former ski instructor. The first Vatican pin up brought clean lines and black and white looks to the Versace men’s line. While he may have taken a vow against doing the nasty he has admitted to having crush on girls at a younger age. But now realizes that his “senses are healthy.”

Damn….God wins again.