Kate Hudson Has Questionable Taste In Frocks, Wants Bigger Boobs

If anyone can tell me what the hell Kate Hudson’s supposed to be dressed as, I will love you forever. I don’t know what this Dragon Lady tampon strings ensemble is supposed to be, but it’s failing on many levels. I’m just going to look past it and focus on Matthew McConaughey, who looks a little less stoner hippie than usual. In fact, he’s looking A-OK. Hi Matty! Thanks for washing the barnacles off your nasty ass and looking like a movie star for once!

Oh, Kate thinks about fake boobs. She acknowledges that she’s pirate treasure (sunken chest! it was funny in 7th grade) and thought about a tit job since seeing the poster of her for Fools Gold.

“They are so not my boobs – they look too perfect. Seriously, if I ever wanted to have them done, I’d take this poster to the doctor and say, ‘This is what I want them to look like.'” she said.

I would focus on whoever the hell is styling you (Ming the Merciless?) and fire their delusional ass. You look crazy! Flash! AH-UUUUH!

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN